yo, can we talk about this ? I got this out of The Joker’s wikipage in ComicVine and … well this is just, wrong. Like, why the hell are you defining him ? As far as I know, Snyder has never said that he’ll give Joker an origin, and I’m pretty sure he’d be against it. Plus we don’t know if that’s The Joker, and if it is, then we shouldn’t know about it, by actually giving him an origin you’re actually taking almost everything away from the character.

I’ve been reading Zero Year and everything, and I’ll admit there are similarities, it can’t be denied, but the fact is, we don’t know, and we should not find out about it.

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    Yeah, you’re totally right, but, those two things, The Joker recreating his own start, and he saying that Jason was his...
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    Well during Death in the Family; Suicide Squad, Joker forced Harley to dress up in the old Red Hood outfit. He was...